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About me

Trying to change the world since 1990

I’m a full stack polyglot programmer, in love with analytics and statistics. I also do behaviour psychology and read everything I can about marketing.

Started as a freelancer, worked for my University as a programmer and for my Faculty as a linux guy, built the first socially driven education platform in Romania (GOmentorship), then built an IT Programming Recruitment Platform that aggregated data from all over the place (StackOverflow, LinkedIn, Github, Smarterer) called Softbinator that pivoted into the largest IT community in Bucharest / Romania that has over 2k active offline members.

After that moved to a B2B2C product - Bookster that is the first and biggest private data-driven recommendation library in Romania with almost 20k paid subscribers that have borrowed and read over 300k books.

I’m also into hardware-driven software (drones and different hardware platforms - built the software for an awesome grinding rail for Mountain Dew

Now I’m leading the tech team of the most innovative global short video content recommendation platform that curates amazing high-quality videos from all over the world and streams them to your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer - Findie


I’m into making new professional acquaintances so reach out if you want to talk about bleeding edge technology.


Currently Focusing on: Graph Databases (Neo4j), React, React-Router, Reflux, Babel, Webpack, Hapi,, ElasticSearch, Compass,, MariaDB (TokuDB Engine), Redis, ffmpeg, caching, and horizontal-scaling.


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